My pedal stroke has improved tremendously. Being aware of getting my right heel down and the adjustments made to the cleat have given me more power and a more comfortable ride.


Very thorough. Love my new foot beds! Great tweak to my right foot position.


Perfect feeling of comfort with my front end and reach. More control. Better power transfer. Logged my highest average power 90 min tempo ride ever!


I need to post a testimonial here: Everyone knows my affection for Craig’s fits, but the hits just keep on coming. I’ve dealt with the third, fourth, and fifth toes on my left foot going numb now for over fifteen years, usually after an hour or so on the bike. Craig has worked with me…


The Retul Footbeds helped me realize what was lacking in my stock insoles. My knees track better . My pedal efficiency and power have both improved. I can’t imagine cycling without them now.


The shoe now feels custom made for my foot! The Retul Futbeds are fantastic. You can really feel the pedal engagement better.


I was able to get in my first 50 mile gravel grinder in without the sitbone pain that I normally have. I didn’t have to tug at my shorts as well. I really liked it. Less sit bone pain, wrists felt good. With all the changes I didn’t feel odd on the bike which was…


It is never just a “general” fit like you get at the LBS. The attention to detail is unmatched. I was able to ride 62 miles without getting off the bike.  Never done that before. I like the location and attention to detail.


Excelente customer service, educational process. Feels more like talking to a friend from whom you are learning a lot and receiving valuable information. No more lower back or shoulders discomfort and I gained speed. Also after changing some components suggested by Craig I feel less tired after my long bike rides and my legs aren’t…


I had been meaning to contact you to let you know how well the bike fit and saddle change worked for me.  Unfortunately, since the bike fit, I have been too busy  to have time to ride.  During the past two months I had only two rides on the bike.  Despite this lack of preparation,…


The amount of information gathered and displayed vastly exceeded anything previously made available to me. Less arm and neck stress while riding. Less hand fatigue from riding. There was no urgency to complete the evaluation session in a predetermined amount of time. Every issue I raised was addressed responsively. Equipment I needed was available for…


I noticed the time and care you took in listening to my concerns and experiences.  Very knowledgeable and professional. My efficiency increased and comfort significantly increased. I have taken many shorter rides (20 miles) to get used to changes and work on mechanics.  I have had a couple 40+ mile rides since the fitting and…


Hi Craig, the bike fit is amazing!!  I had been cramping up after 20, 30, 40 miles before seeing you–I couldn’t even ride 60 miles.  After the fit on May 12 I rode 80 miles no cramps the next day and today rode over 100 with no cramps and felt strong after! You are a…


I just did a 2:25 bike split in the epic cross winds of IMTX 70.3 with the ability to run off the bike and bring back the third 70.3 World Qualification.


I did the Liuzhou 70.3 this weekend – rode 23.8 mph, 276W, 3.4 W/kg and had absolutely no issues.  Best run off the bike I’ve ever had.  No hot spots or areas of any concern. Thank you again!!


I talked with Craig prior to the appointment and he explained the procedure to me I had everything I needed when I arrived.Craig gave me undivided attention for 3 hours. New saddle, and he adjusted the height. Also adjusted the distance of the handle bars. And he put washers on the pedals so I would…


The experience was a very friendly and family feel to me.  I enjoyed the laid back atmosphere, easy discussion, and un rushed feel. I felt like I had ample time to ask questions and get answers; even ones that didn’t pertain to the fit. The most important change was my saddle, without question! It fixed…


Craig was very knowledgeable about the physical aspects of my body and how that affects the fitting and then commenting on better posture and hand placement, overall knowledge of EVERYTHING! The changing of the seat height and then lowering the handlebars are driving so much more power into my legs it is amazing. I am…


This was my first professional fitting. We increased the reach and stacked cleat to compensate for shorter leg. Pedaling action seams smoother.  No tightness in upper arms. Process seemed very thorough, never rushed. In addition to component tweaks, I appreciated Craig’s positioning suggestions. The Roanoke location was very convenient.  Craig was still unpacking.  


Definitely yes! Changing my seat. So much more comfortable to ride. I like that you explain the science behind the changes and they work!


Very thorough, lots of neat stories. 😉 Lots mo power.


Attention  to detail. Greater precision in fit and fit “issues” from previous fit I liked the Fitter!, facility layout, temp control and the thorough physical eval pre fit. My experience was perfection!


The fit was more thorough and detailed….most other fits feel like they are cookie cutter and not specific to me. I felt more comfortable , climbing improved , more power and could ride longer without feeling tired.  Felt happy on bike. Professional and Knowledgable Great fit , best I’ve had


The attention to detail, and the preciseness of the fit. The most important change to me was moving the cleat on shoes to the location where my foot did not feel pinched After the fit, the new cleats on the new shoes are in the correct place that my feet do not go numb or…


This was my first bike fit so I learned a lot about the process as a whole. The seat and handle bar changes were very important, as well as the way I pedal stroke now, thanks to Craig’s advice. After the fit, I pedal better and more efficiently. Loved having the fit with Craig, it…