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Hi Craig, Wow wow wow. Cannot believe the difference you have made to my ride experience. You are nothing short of a genius. Sorry to take so long to tell you this. I just love the aero bars, love that I can take them off if needed. The saddle is a dream and the functionality of it to change for aero is awesome. Rode a 50 miler last weekend and could not be more pleased. Thank you for your expertise and I will tell everyone I know about you. You are awesome. Carmel


My pedal stroke has improved tremendously. Being aware of getting my right heel down and the adjustments made to the cleat have given me more power and a more comfortable ride.


Very thorough. Love my new foot beds! Great tweak to my right foot position.


Perfect feeling of comfort with my front end and reach. More control. Better power transfer. Logged my highest average power 90 min tempo ride ever!


It is never just a “general” fit like you get at the LBS. The attention to detail is unmatched. I was able to ride 62 miles without getting off the bike.  Never done that before. I like the location and attention to detail.


I noticed the time and care you took in listening to my concerns and experiences.  Very knowledgeable and professional. My efficiency increased and comfort significantly increased. I have taken many shorter rides (20 miles) to get used to changes and work on mechanics.  I have had a couple 40+ mile rides since the fitting and I have not had any back pain. Patience, Professionalism, Knowledge


Hi Craig, the bike fit is amazing!!  I had been cramping up after 20, 30, 40 miles before seeing you–I couldn’t even ride 60 miles.  After the fit on May 12 I rode 80 miles no cramps the next day and today rode over 100 with no cramps and felt strong after! You are a genius!! Wish I would have come in sooner… Thanks so much, you rock!


I just did a 2:25 bike split in the epic cross winds of IMTX 70.3 with the ability to run off the bike and bring back the third 70.3 World Qualification.


I did the Liuzhou 70.3 this weekend – rode 23.8 mph, 276W, 3.4 W/kg and had absolutely no issues.  Best run off the bike I’ve ever had.  No hot spots or areas of any concern. Thank you again!!


This was my first professional fitting. We increased the reach and stacked cleat to compensate for shorter leg. Pedaling action seams smoother.  No tightness in upper arms. Process seemed very thorough, never rushed. In addition to component tweaks, I appreciated Craig’s positioning suggestions. The Roanoke location was very convenient.  Craig was still unpacking.  


Definitely yes! Changing my seat. So much more comfortable to ride. I like that you explain the science behind the changes and they work!


Very thorough, lots of neat stories. 😉 Lots mo power.


Attention  to detail. Greater precision in fit and fit “issues” from previous fit I liked the Fitter!, facility layout, temp control and the thorough physical eval pre fit. My experience was perfection!


The fit was more thorough and detailed….most other fits feel like they are cookie cutter and not specific to me. I felt more comfortable , climbing improved , more power and could ride longer without feeling tired.  Felt happy on bike. Professional and Knowledgable Great fit , best I’ve had


This was my first bike fit so I learned a lot about the process as a whole. The seat and handle bar changes were very important, as well as the way I pedal stroke now, thanks to Craig’s advice. After the fit, I pedal better and more efficiently. Loved having the fit with Craig, it was educational and most informative. Can’t wait to see the NEW location out there!


No rush – good advice on new bike (not yet purchased). Very satisfied


After working with Craig, left leg pain / issues mostly alleviated thanks to knowing how my pedal stroke was pulling out to the right, and by bringing my right leg into the proper location.  Would never have known otherwise. Incredibly close attention to detail – WOW Far…but that’s ok, worth it!


Better power allowing me to increase my average speed. Very easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable about the whole fit process.


Was a great fit and nice learning on how to work with my bike. Simply felt better with more power. Took time to do it correctly.  


5 Hour ride. No chamois creme. No Pain. Perfect! You’re the best! Thx


Very comprehensive saddle pressure analysis and fitting process, and extensive selection of saddles. Hand position was much more comfortable after the fit.  The difference was apparent as soon as getting on the bike. The fitting system was very detailed and complete.  Plenty of data to help pinpoint and correct problems.  


I liked how complete and detailed the fit was. The new fit of the saddle was a huge improvement. I am more comfortable than ever before. My critical power increased 15% per the 20 minute threshold test.  


Professional, considerate, friendly approach. I think of Craig as a friend. Feeling great on my new fit. The Roanoke location is comfortable, impressive.


Attention to detail. Thoroughness. Expertise. Information exchange. Ask people to bring a sweater or long sleeve shirt for when they are not riding, it got cold!


Well worth every penny. Service and recommendations invaluable!!! Great attention to detail and very customized.  


Loved the saddle pressure analysis…Saddle issues gone. Very Informative and Very Satisfied


Very thorough and attentive to my issues. Pedaling way more efficient and comfort of hands and neck increased. Very calm and easy manner of Craig  


No left posterior knee pain. Attention to detail especially when there are heath issues involved


I like how thorough the fit process is, I never felt rushed. I feel much more balanced on the bike.


The ride is more comfortable. Changing the length of the crank has helped! Craig is very thorough.


Had major IT Band issues and low  back issues after long rides. Did a 72 and 52 mile rides, got off bike and ran both times with NO issues!! Overall better in every aspect I shouldn’t have waited so long to get fitted. Thanks Craig


Patience and willingness to accommodate and interpret my perceptions. This got me back where I felt like I needed to be. Thanks for working with me.  


Very attentive to detail and helping me dial it in based on what I was able to communicate. Very patient and knowledgeable.


The technology is hard to beat. Numbers don’t lie and you do a great job trying to really get the fit right. I like how thorough you are and the technology you have available. I think everything is great!


I liked your good listening skills, and attention to detail. I did a race the following weekend, and smoked the competition. It must have been all the tweaking on the bike / shoe inserts.


Hi Craig, Wow wow wow. Cannot believe the difference you have made to my ride experience. You are nothing short of a genius. Sorry to take so long to tell you this. I just love the aero bars, love that I can take them off if needed. The saddle is a dream and the functionality of it to change for aero is awesome. Rode a 50 miler last weekend and could not be more pleased. Thank you for your expertise and I will tell everyone I know about you. You are awesome. Carmel


I need to post a testimonial here: Everyone knows my affection for Craig’s fits, but the hits just keep on coming. I’ve dealt with the third, fourth, and fifth toes on my left foot going numb now for over fifteen years, usually after an hour or so on the bike. Craig has worked with me through four or five different pair of shoes, and while this helped, as well as stock inserts, we never quite remedied the problem. Recently, he invested in a Retul custom footbed device. I went in, we measured everything in detail, and performed the footbed manufacture. We also altered the saddle setup ever so slightly and made adjustments to the handlebar hood angles, stem stack and reach. Why all this? Well, I’m not the body that I used to be, so when I change, the bike needs to change with me. Today I went on a four hour ride through town with a friend. No numb toes. No numb fingers. No numb saddle area. The bike once again became my dance partner, and we averaged higher speeds, slightly lower power, and smiles all around. If you haven’t had a CraigFit, you need to make an appointment. It’s truly a day on Savile Row, with a custom fit built around your needs and body. Every ride is better with a CraigFit.


I was able to get in my first 50 mile gravel grinder in without the sitbone pain that I normally have. I didn’t have to tug at my shorts as well. I really liked it. Less sit bone pain, wrists felt good. With all the changes I didn’t feel odd on the bike which was one of my concerns. All in all, pretty happy with the results. Craig really took the time to listen to what my issues were and we tested every position to a fault and I think I found a good set up heading into the fall grinder season.


Excelente customer service, educational process. Feels more like talking to a friend from whom you are learning a lot and receiving valuable information. No more lower back or shoulders discomfort and I gained speed. Also after changing some components suggested by Craig I feel less tired after my long bike rides and my legs aren’t as tired for my runs after bike ride. As a matter of fact I completed an Ironman and had one of my best runs ever. Of course the bike portion went pretty well. I noticed the benefit of the fit right away and it translated in higher speed and less fatigue. Thanks Craig. You went far and beyond before and during my bike fit process. Thanks for your honesty and for teaching me so patiently about bike mechanics and components. After the bike fit I can ride easier and faster !


I had been meaning to contact you to let you know how well the bike fit and saddle change worked for me.  Unfortunately, since the bike fit, I have been too busy  to have time to ride.  During the past two months I had only two rides on the bike.  Despite this lack of preparation, I decided to try to do my annual century ride on Memorial Day.  I was able to complete it, and other than a few tender spots on the sit bones (and I say ‘tender’, not ‘agonizing’) just due to the complete lack of time on the bike, I had no issues.  Legs were good, back was good, no hotspots, no saddle sores. Fantastic job.  I really expected it to be a miserable, challenging ride and it was instead a real pleasure.  By Tuesday, I really couldn’t tell I had done anything.  Thank you very much  for the time and the fit.”


The amount of information gathered and displayed vastly exceeded anything previously made available to me. Less arm and neck stress while riding. Less hand fatigue from riding. There was no urgency to complete the evaluation session in a predetermined amount of time. Every issue I raised was addressed responsively. Equipment I needed was available for sale at the evaluation site, and the selection of items for sale was large. The evaluation was customized for my skill and fitness level and goals. It was not designed primarily for elite athletes, which I am certainly not. The Roanoke location was rather easy to find, and the available lighting and working space were very adequate.


I talked with Craig prior to the appointment and he explained the procedure to me I had everything I needed when I arrived.Craig gave me undivided attention for 3 hours. New saddle, and he adjusted the height. Also adjusted the distance of the handle bars. And he put washers on the pedals so I would not hit the heal of my shoe on the frame. He also adjusted the pitch of the brake levers improving my grip. Prior to the fit I was riding in pain to the point of giving riding up. Now I ride in comfort and look forward to my next ride. I am sure there was much more to the process than the things above. This was Money well INVESTED in keeping me active and in good health. When I was there it was like we were the only 2 people awake,no phones,no tv,no interruptions whatsoever This is a wonderful service keep it going.


The experience was a very friendly and family feel to me.  I enjoyed the laid back atmosphere, easy discussion, and un rushed feel. I felt like I had ample time to ask questions and get answers; even ones that didn’t pertain to the fit. The most important change was my saddle, without question! It fixed my interface issues! My ass isn’t dying , and I don’t wan to throw my bike over a cliff. I liked everything! It was nice being able to try so many different saddles with ease. Craig, I wish you and your business the best! I will be back to see you and have already recommended some friends your way. Kick ass shop, easy location to get to!  


Craig was very knowledgeable about the physical aspects of my body and how that affects the fitting and then commenting on better posture and hand placement, overall knowledge of EVERYTHING! The changing of the seat height and then lowering the handlebars are driving so much more power into my legs it is amazing. I am still getting used to the new posture with the handlebars lower, will take a few more long rides, but the power output is amazing now! Very knowledgeable and friendly, as well as extremely professional Perfect atmosphere and just amazing experience Thanks Craig for opening my eyes on this fitting, looking forward to improving on the bike and eventually coming back for a Tri bike fitting.  


The attention to detail, and the preciseness of the fit. The most important change to me was moving the cleat on shoes to the location where my foot did not feel pinched After the fit, the new cleats on the new shoes are in the correct place that my feet do not go numb or feel pinched, making the ride more enjoyable and my efficiency increased since I don’t think about my feet at all. Friendliness Exactness Attention to Detail Always enjoy coming for a fit / adjustment, and feel that I can ride more efficiently afterward. Relaxed atmosphere, and enjoyable


Very thorough. Happy with the fit. Definitely more power and efficiency. Comfort levels are good. Seem to feel a lot more comfortable when putting some power down compared to when casually cruising I tend to rest more weight on my arms more. The fit exposed my weak core during 20+ mile rides. Need to work on strengthening that for longer rides. Very in-depth fit. Loved the fact that Craig was going over everything and explaining all the adjustments and reasoning behind them.  


Craig is extremely thorough. He asks the right questions to fully diagnose issues, challenges, goals and objectives. He also took the time to understand which muscles were tight and flexibility issues. This was challenging as one of my legs is tighter and shorter than the other. Rode 400 brutal miles through the mountains after the fit. I was shocked, stunned and amazed that the injury that prompted the fit didn’t hurt at all during the trip. I don’t even know what to say about that! I was prepared for pain both mentally and with an abundance of medical supplies. Never needed it. Wow. Craig is VERY thorough both on and off the bike. I love that he is also a cycling coach. His tips are priceless. Climbing 9000 ft mountains is hard enough on a fully loaded mountain bike. Any time I felt sluggish or a little uncomfortable, I would hear Craig’s tips in my mind, sit back up, etc and would feel perfect again. I’m 100 percent satisfied.


Hello Craig: Just want it to give you a quick update, since it has been a few months since I purchased the Lynskey Viale.  It now has over 5,000 miles and it is an excellent bike. Have done 3 or so 24 hour events and also rode 4 days in a row and let me tell you: nothing hurts, other than the usual aches from being on the bike for so long. Your measurements and set-up is spot on and I couldn’t be happier. One of these months I am thinking of making an appointment with you for a general review, in case there are additional changes you might suggest. Hope you are doing well.


Very detailed process. Efficiency : Significantly Increased Comfort : Significantly Increased Power : Significantly Increased Road bike : no more saddle pain Tri bike : Speed increased at least by 3 mph!   I liked the ability to see the improvement during the fit process.


The saddle changes made a drastic difference. Moving the hoods around on my cx bike also made a big difference. The insoles helped a lot too. Overall comfort was drastically improved. I also felt like my pedaling improved. Very thorough. I liked that you kept looking to make things better ever after drastic improvements. The tinkering was greatly appreciated.    


The process was not rushed, it was relaxed but also down to business and focused on the right changes for my goals on the bike. SADDLE! I can enjoy my extended rides again! I think the bar rotation,hood re-position along with the shim under the right boot all made a significant improvement but the new saddle is the bee’s knees. No numbness from saddle which also eliminated pain I was feeling in my thighs. Zero pain behind my right knee and I can keep good posture while up on the hoods for long periods. Professional, knowledgeable, personable, never felt rushed.


Hi Craig, I want to thank you for my amazing “bike fit”. In August of 2014 I purchased my first Tri Bike and began fully participating in Triathlons in March 2015. Since I’d never biked before (except as a kid) I was encouraged to be professionally fit on my new bike. Although I wasn’t initially sure what a bike fit would actually do for me I went and spent 3 hours being fit to my bike so I could finally be “one with my bike”. I knew I had to make some changes  After racing and training for just one year and suffering through several upper and lower body injuries that resulted in lots of body pain/soreness I knew I had to make some changes since the chiropractic adjustments, custom orthotics, massages and dry needling were only giving me temporary relief. However, I wasn’t sure exactly what those changes would need to be. In December I was cycling indoors and casually mentioned some of the issues I was experiencing and someone suggested I start tackling them one at a time. I was in so much pain I was willing to give anything a shot. First, they recommended being “professionally refit” on my bike. I was in so much pain I was willing to give anything a shot. I knew my body ached, I had sores on the bottom of my pelvis, my hamstrings were so tight and ached with every push/pull of the pedal or extension of my legs while running. I was beginning to have second thoughts about participating in Triathlons because I was always in pain somewhere on my body. My next question was “who” can help me get fitted to my bike or have my bike fitted to me? I was told the only guy to see was Craig Fulk. Luckily he lives in my area and that was my first call. When I met Craig, I explained to him that I couldn’t get the sores on my sacral area to heal. No matter how much lubrication or gel products I used. Secondly, my hamstrings were so tight it hurt to pedal for any length of time – yes I rode but it was very uncomfortable. Also, my adductors were being stretched beyond their normal capacity that when I got off the bike to run, I would have to walk first. Basically, my body was in pain all the time my goal was to stop hurting After several hours of working with Craig, he had me on a different saddle and had lowered my body. Honestly, I wasn’t sure just these slight changes were going to make a huge difference. (I’m sure he did more than that but that’s what I understood). I continued to update Craig on how I was feeling because my goal was to stop hurting. As I continued to pedal, the first thing I realized was that my quads were working instead of my hamstrings – I couldn’t believe it – was that what was supposed to be happening?   He then made a slight adjustment to my right shoe because my leg was turning in as a result of an ankle break and stress fracture in 2014. I began to feel like a new rider. I was actually riding pain free for the first time in almost a year. The last adjustment was a minor turn in of my aero bars. I didn’t feel my hamstrings at all. My quads were actually doing some work. Yippee! I was actually riding pain free I left Craig’s place with a smile on my face. It was a beautiful sunny Texas day (about 62 degrees) and I couldn’t wait to get on my bike. He told me to ride easy for the next 10 hours of riding time. Don’t push it. Just get my body used to riding on the new saddle and in the new position. I’ve ridden for 4 hours and can’t believe my body is pain free. It’s simply amazing. Craig did say that my bike needed to fit me vs me fitting to my bike and he’s absolutely correct. Thanks a million Craig.


Great explanation of problems identified and how changes made solved the problems. The most important was switching out the saddle to one better suited for me and identifying good vs. bad shorts. Longest ride so far is probably 3 hours but I have not had any issues with saddle sores so far. [cherry_hr] Charles was experiencing significant saddle sores and issues related to the saddle. He was significantly limited by this on the bike. With our saddle pressure analysis, we were not only able to determine a better saddle option and the differences in pressure with different pairs of shorts. [cherry_hr]


This was my second time meeting with Craig. I have had several Retul fits over the last few years with other fitters, and Craig’s bike fit was second to none. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a bike fit! The most important change was the raising of my saddle height. I came in for a follow up fit as Craig had identified an issue with my pelvis being out of alignment on initial bike fit. Per Craig’s recommendation, I went to a sports chiropractor to get my pelvis aligned. After getting my pelvis aligned, I was hopeful Craig would be able to raise my saddle height. And sure enough, Craig was able to make improvements to bike fit which I believe would not have been possible without addressing issue with my pelvis.


A very professional bike fit, benefited from it even more than I thought I would have. I very much liked the process and not being rushed. I have noticed: 1) A lot less stress on my arms and shoulders. 2) That I’m utilizing my hamstrings more. 3) More power. I would rate the entire Process A Plus. I especially liked working with Craig. He’s very knowledgable with great personality. Worked great for me.


Craig, just wanted to let you know the bike fit was dead on! I rode 28+ this morning, moderate intensity, and no pain in the knees, hips, feet, shoulders, groin….nada. My left hand still gets tingly but that’s because I tense up the left shoulder still. When I relax it, it’s all good. The lower back was a little sore at the start, just because it’s still that way in the morning, but loosened up at about an hour and never was a problem. My power on the climbs was significantly better too. I didn’t push hard on any but did a high cadence on them all and just cruised right over. I was seriously thinking that I’d bought the wrong bike. If I’d have been smart I’d have brought it it to you before I went to Colorado. Thanks again for getting me setup. A fitting with you is the best investment a rider can make in their equipment.


When I first joined Cycling Center of Dallas, the owner, Richard Wharton, suggested that I get a “Craigfit”. I told Richard that I had bike fits in the past, but he insisted that I see you and I am glad that I did. Richard tells all first time visitors, “Before you spend any money with me, see Craig and get a good fit. “ This has proven to be good advice for me. At age 69, I have a few issues that younger riders may not face. I had jogged for over 30 years before concluding that my knees had enough pounding on the pavement so I took up cycling. But even on the bike, it was a rare day that my knees did not hurt, but exercise to me is about enduring a certain amount of pain so I was determined to peddle through the pain. When your knees are hurting, it is difficult to generate a lot of power, but I still enjoy riding a bike much, much more than jogging. And there has been a bonus side effect from the bike adjustment, my knees do not hurt as much and I have had many days where my knees do not hurt at all. During the interview prior to the bike adjustments, I confessed that my stiff neck and knee pain was a big concern for me. Your reply was, “if you get the feet and hips right, the knees would fall in line.” You showed me on your computer monitor how much my knees were out of alignment prior to adjustment and the improvement after the adjustment. The new saddle together with the adjustments to the pedals and shoes have really improved my cycling speed and endurance. The bike adjustments seemed so radical at the time and I left your bike lab somewhat skeptical, but now that the changes have had some time to work, I have concluded that you are an expert at fitting people to their bike and I just wanted to say, “Thank you and keep up the good work.”


I’ve been meaning to email you about how it’s been going since the fit a couple weeks ago, but I just haven’t done that many rides.  I’ve been letting my hip heal up and it’s getting better.  I have seen Dr. Grimm a couple of times and he’s been great.  I have done a couple 9 mile rides since the fit and I have noticed some improvements.  At various times I do feel more connected to the bike, such as the pedal force is more direct in moving me forward.  I can tell that I’m slightly lower on the bike but I don’t feel like it’s limiting me, even though I haven’t tried any hard efforts.  Like I said I’m still trying to heal up so my rides have been focused on easy effort and good form.  I’ve tried to focus on keeping my feet flatter through the pedal stroke.  I have loaded both rides on to Strava and to my surprise I had a couple of 2nd and 3rd fastest times on segments.  They were wind-aided but I was still shocked honestly.  I was just going easy and was up against all of my Strava segments over the previous month or so where I was going all out.  So, I think that speaks to the bike fit that I’ve got better power transfer and I’m not as fatigued possibly after finishing a hill.


Craig, I wanted to give you an update on my bike fit. You hit the mark!! I’ve had a very active week riding my bike with a 90-minute ride on Monday, then 3-straight days of interval training and a 68-mile ride in the Mesquite Rodeo Ride on Saturday. I can report that I haven’t experienced any of the past knee problems that you’ve been working on eliminating! This is the first time in many many months that I’ve been able to ride like this. I was most impressed by the professional yet personal approach that you took in seeking a solution to my issues. I have worked with other “experts” in trying to get the proper fit and I felt like they were just going through the motions and trying the “one size fits all” type of fix. You on the other hand took a genuine interest in my issues and helped me to understand what was causing them and then explained why the changes you made would help to fix the problem. Then when a small adjustment needed to be made after the main session you were quickly accommodating in coming up with and making the necessary adjustments. I will recommend your services to any of my cycling friends and will continue to use them myself going forward in my cycling endeavors. Thank you very much for everything you’ve done for me!


I’ve gone through the bike fitting process 2-3 times before, but it never seemed to make a huge difference over where I was previously. I was told, “No, this is totally different, it’s like getting fitted for an Armani suit.” I had also heard, “Coach Craig Fulk is THE GUY to get a bike fitting from.” It seemed almost too good to be true. That said, I went through the process and I was not disappointed. Coach Fulk’s use of the Retul system measured all the points on my bike and then of me pedaling on my bike. We spent several hours adjusting all kinds of stuff. I ride a lot using a power meter and when we were done, Coach Fulk asked me to estimate my wattage output. My estimate was 20 watts lower than what was shown on the power meter. In other words, he had found another 20 watts of power with no increase in perceived effort by me (This increase was confirmed during my regular FTP test the next week). Not only did I gain watts, I am now more comfortable on the bike. I used to assume that the pain between my shoulders was just something that happened on long rides. Not any more. I just rode 150 miles over a weekend and while the legs got tired, the typical pain and strain in my upper back was almost non-existent. Was this process, “like getting fitted for an Armani suit?” I can emphatically say, “Yes!” Why? It’s not just the cool Retul technology that’s used. You can give anyone a paint brush, but that doesn’t make them an artist! Coach Fulk knows cycling and combines the art and science of bike fitting to make you stronger and more comfortable on the bike. Just ask a few more of Dynamic Bike Fit’s clients about their experience, you will hear the same story over and over again. Thanks Craig!


I got my stem switched out & hit my first ride today since the awesome fit you did, & had a wonderful ride – so far I think you nailed it. No biggie, but noticed on Strava I set 3 women’s records for full-lap segments at White Rock. I didn’t follow your advise to take it easy; I’d not been able to ride much lately & felt like hitting it. The fit felt great & I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the many changes you made to help me. Just wanted to check in & let you know how much I appreciate your thoroughness & all the tweaking you did – so many changes! Thanks very much Craig!!

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your bike fit service. I was looking for a new bike and before I make that huge investment I knew fit was the #1 priority over bike brand. You were great to work with. Methodological, detailed and scientific. You could see the passion and it made me feel as if I would get my monies worth. After the thorough analysis we settled on the bike and I made the purchase. I brought the bike back and again you performed a thorough adjustment to ensure the bike and I were one. That was 6 weeks ago and on October 26th I had a chance to race my new bike, at the USAT Duathlon Championships no less. The result? I am packing my bags for Spain representing Team USA. Could not have done this without my bike but more importantly, the right bike with the right fit! Thank you Thank you Thank you.


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me with my Pro Bike Fit in early September this year. As we discussed, I had been having a number of issues with my fit on my racing bike when I competed in Ultra Cycling race events which require me to be in the saddle from 12 to 24 hours during my races. Following your fit services, I can say the issues I was experiencing in the past have now been resolved. I especially wanted you to know that following my fit session with you, I competed in the 12 Hour solo race event at the Texas Time Trials Ultra Cup in Glen Rose, Texas at the end of September. I recorded my PR by placing 1st in my age division and 6th place overall in the 12 Hour Solo race. I sincerely appreciate your professional services and your follow up contacts with me. I will definitely be returning to take advantage of your other services when I begin to order my new TT bike. Best regards,


I am still quite happy with the fit….I got used to the higher extension, and I no longer notice it. The longer reach also feels quite good, especially that I am more comfortable on the saddle and able to rotate my hips further. The saddle is feeling good, especially as it helps rotate the hips. Best saddle I have ever tried for my anatomy. But I still need more break in period before I can say that I do not feel it at all on long rides. No knee pain/discomfort, even under hard effort, although the super hard efforts have been limited so far….Finally, I think I have more power, or my usual group rides are getting slower . Quads no longer scream first (as expected). Thanks again!